LilDads LilGrow ~ 2023

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Re-cap for this grow (for my edification):

What went well?
Strain selection:
In general, the strains chosen were up to snuff with the growing conditions in VA. The presidential OG was new this summer, and it seemed to do alright! The skunk was super happy and the Afghan was loving life till the very end.

I really keyed in on those this summer and my plants were thrilled. They kept a good healthy coloring without any deficiencies, lockouts, or overfeeds.

While every plant didn’t come out the way I wanted it, I timed things right. If I had waited for perfection, there would’ve been a lot of bud rot. I did a good job of reading the conditions and where the plants were. In short, they all were harvested at “the right time.”

I had a good game plan and executed it. In the future, hydrometer is a necessity as I don’t grow enough to have an intuition for “feel.”

What didn’t go well?
I waited too long to treat PWM on my skunk, and I probably lost 20% of the harvest to that. Bummer. Next time, react and attack!

Planted too early:
I got too giddy about germinating and goofed the first iteration of plants. Next time, I’ll start monitoring weather in mid-April and wait for a good ten day forecast. Especially for strains that want heat.

I think I overstressed the plants with too much LST. I’m liking the bamboo pole idea, and I will give that a go next year to see if that lets the girls get chawnkier!

All in all, I’m very happy and I learned a lot this summer! Next year, I’ll scale back to two plants since I don’t want too much surplus and less work seems appropriate as I’ll be able to be more thoughtful with two plants instead of fussing over four. I’ll get more high-test seeds and try my hand at better genetics!

Thanks for reading and keeping up with my weenie LilGrow this year!

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