Little help needed with my first grow

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Jun 5, 2011
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Hi i have my first grow under way, i have an 8 pot wilma set up in an xxl tent with 2 x 600w lights...

so far so good, they have been in for nearly two weeks and looking good.

i have had them on 24 hour constant light and for the past week they have been on water PH 5.6/5.8 with no other nutes.

as they have settled in so well and are looking really good i wanted to start feeding them some nutes, the problem ive got is my water is reading 1.0 1.2 on my blu truncation with no feed, i have added half the recommended dose of coco A and coco B and it has taken the readings to 1.6 1.8 which i know is way to high for early stages of veg....

i have now drained my tank and got the PH levels back to 5.6 and the water is 1.0 1.2 again on my blue truncation with no feed..

what do i do..? do i not use any nutes for now..?

i hope this makes some sort of sence, you will have to bare with me as i am a complete noob...and help would be great...cheers:D:D:D:D
I would say look into an R.O system. If you are growing hydro then you will need to be able to control what in your water.
Maybe try find nutes for hard water, I dont know if yours falls within the limits but might as well check if you haven't already.
Hi Mr D, welcome to mp.
You sure have problems with your water there. Jerico was spot on saying you need an RO filter but in the short term, maybe bottled water will do the job for you. When I was running a similar system to Wilma, I changed solution every 10 days/2 weeks or whenever I had replaced 50%.
The thing is, just now there should be very little if any nutes in the water, so you could get away with bottled water and reuise it once you start adding nutes. This will work for a short while until you need to give a little more nutes, maybe from 3 weeks +.

The other issue I see is running all that light for baby plants, they dont really need 1200W 24/7. I wont go into posibilities since it may end up confusing the issue and getting the water issue solved is your priority just now.
Some pics would be helpful though.
Green mojo. W
woody and jericho are right you nees to focus on your ro and if you cant afford t5s turn of one 600 and have the other one running alone then raise the light. do those things and your rolling. also try 18/6 instead of 24. give your babies a dark period.

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