looks pinty

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I have a 25" plant that is 6 weeks into flower and i think the buds looks pinty, I use tap water that have been sitting and it seems to work fine. I have see tons of plant more fullfilled with buds so i was thinking of getting plant food so what would be the best plant food to buy for the flowering state and that would help the buds or does anyone got any idea what i can do, thanks alot
where would i get that at, garden store or a hydo store, and how much does that cost?
Using Foxfarm - Ocean Forest soil for veg. It has Bat guano and Worm castings already in it so I didnt add anything. The tiger bloom you can find at any grow shop. It was 12 bucks for a half gallon.

Works a hell of alot better then what I was using.
I just re-read your first post. And at 6 weeks you wouldnt want to add anything anyway. Nothing but water for the last few weeks bro.
I put 2 more plants on 12/12 the other day, that is why i ask what you use for flowering for.
i got another question for you if ya don't mind. MY one plant 7 weeks in to flower i picked some off last week to try it. I put it in a paper bag and put it away in a dark sport and after 2 and ahalf days it seemed dry enough to smoke but it still smelled green and the insides of the buds looks green also. Today I picked all the top half off the plant cause it looked 50% was changed color plus i want the bottom buds to get better. How long should the weed take to dry fully, or what is the best way.

btw, the weed i got last time i busted it up then rolled it and let it dry in a joint and it was some good ******* weed, so i really want this to dry out better. thanks for the help Strain.
It's gona take over a week in a bag. I suggest hangin it in a box with some string or hanging it somewhere with a fan in the area. But dont blow it over the buds. A few days is not enough. I did the same thing though. The stuff I wanted to smoke now I rolled up and let sit over night. I use a coffee grinder to break mine up so it was nice and dry the next day.

7 weeks is a bit early. After sampling mine at 7 weeks we let them go another two weeks. The high was much better but still mind strong and the buds started to swell alot with THC the last week or so. Try leting the bottom buds go 9 weeks. And compair.

It took 7 days before I could put my buds in a jar. And one jar was still kinda wet when I sold it. Heh. So it could have dryed a few days longer. Every time you bag or jar the buds they wee draw the moisture out from the inside of the bud. So just cause they are dry on the outside doesnt mean they are ready. It takes a few weeks total before they are ready to just break up and smoke. Hang in there bro.
It is understandable that you would want to sample your fresh bud before actually taking the time to cure it properly for a 6-8 week period. However, I have found a method that seems to work a little better than the paper bag method for quick-dry sampling. If you have one of the old projection-style CRT computer monitors (basically any monitor that is not a plasma screen), then you can put a small nug inside a folded up paper towel, and sit it on top of the vents on the back of your monitor. The ambeint temperature of the air is approximately 110-120 degrees farenheight, and THC does not cook off until 135-140. Come back in about 6-10 hours, depending on the thickness of your bud, and you should be able to get a tasty sample. Just be prepared for the harsh flavor due to the fact that you have not broken down the chlorophyll in any sort of curing process.
I heard that the microwave take the THC out, plus i tryed it and don't seem to really dry it out, just burn it.
The longer it takes to dry it, the better it is.
A slow dry delivers better smoke.
That would be a negative on the "nuke it" reply. In less than 10 seconds in a 1000 watt microwave, the entire cannabinoid structure begins breaking down. Within 30 seconds, more than 75% is destroyed. Microwaves cook food by exciting molecules into a frenzy of movement, which causes heat by friction at a molecular level. So imagine taking your nice fresh bud, and rubbing it against a nice fresh piece of 800 grit sandpaper at 10,000 rpm for 30 seconds, and that's what a microwave is doing to your pretty little bud.

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