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On Mutts Suggestion, I've started LST... I've got the idea, and understand all but one thing, When Do I Untie The Plant or is it a matter or personal Choice?

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Leave it tied down or she'll want to straighten back up again.Just keep training your side shoots to the top.
you do not want to tie down the fan leaves. They are used as "solar collectors".
It is mainly tying down the top of the plant to promote growth at the new leaves at the fan leaf stem node. I hope I didn't confuse you.

God I can't wait till my camera comes in.
yeah i didn't tie down the leaves.. i figured that would be kinda stupid.. uh huh.. finally something i learned in Agraculture class pays off.... I bent it over so the new growth on the nodes could get as much light as they could while spreading light around the entire plant.. like you suggested.. Thanks i can see a differance already and i just did it like 4 hours ago.. you know what your great.
pranicfever said:
.. you know what your great.

Hey it ain't me. It is everyone in the cultivation community. We all learn from someone else. Just passing on tidbits of useful info when I can.
Just always ALWAYS get second opinions and don't trust posts at face value. Good luck with your grow dude edit:dudette.
Yes you all as a community are great.. but you personally mutt are great...:) now just say thank you for the compliment lol
just need to know somthing i have a 40cm plant in veg can i still tie her down im worried about snapping it in half when i go to bend it over how do i go about doing it in a safe way cause i really dont want to break her, the stem is quite thick now its about 3 quaters cm thick and quite strong cause of the induction suks in alot of air and blows it directly at the plants so they grow thick stems can i do this still or should i not take the risk
So its about 4 3/4" (for us US natives). Yeah, (I would wait just a little longer though) but you can start bending it. Just do the first bend gently At the top nodes. your trying to get 90 degree bend, but I would shoot for about 75-80 degrees. Just don't tie down fan leaves or anything. Just the main stem. You'll get a feel for it. Just don't bend more than your comfortable with.
Maybe I'm confused.

I thought a cm stood for centimeter, or 1/100th of a meter (approx. 3 feet).
That means 50 cm would be approx. 1 & 1/2 feet, and 40 cm would be about 1 foot 4 inches.
Or where did I go wrong?

high_man, you don't need to lst. Pot grows fine without it.
If you have height restrictions and the stem is thick, simply try bending the plant over. Use a sling like made out of cloth, tie that around the plant near the top, attach the sling to some good hemp twine (or string or rope, etc) and anchor it at the floor/tray. Do it mildly at first, then eventually train the plant in an upside-down U shape.

Pot is a very adaptable plant. For stealth purposes, I once grew some plants outdoors that I trained to grow horizontally. Every branch on the upper side of the stalk became like a little plant on it's own (or so it appeared from the air).
GanjaGuru said:
Maybe I'm confused.

I thought a cm stood for centimeter, or 1/100th of a meter (approx. 3 feet).
That means 50 cm would be approx. 1 & 1/2 feet, and 40 cm would be about 1 foot 4 inches.

Thats correct.
Ooops sorry Fat finger syndrome on my calculator. I just hit convert and it pops up. I should have double checked instead of trusting my fingers on the calc. 15 3/4"
Here are some pictures of tying down the top and training the side shoots to grow up.You end up with a canopy of tops at the same heigth.If you look close at the plant you can see where its a 90 angle then i curve it around and tie the top down again.Hope these pictures help.The picture in the grow room shows how even the canopy is with this training method.

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