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Aug 27, 2005
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how many times zoom would i need to see trichomes properly and clearly iv tried to find a hand held microscope but i can only find those real hard out microscopes they have in labs and scientists use lol i saw some magnifying glasses but they all like toy ones they dont have much zoom so i figured if some can tell me how much zoom i need from a magnifying glass then i could just go and walk into a shop and tell them exactly what i need and get it hope this make sense cheers guys for any help
Radio Shack has a 60-100X. hand held for about $10...perfect for your task.
lol that good but i leave in different country dude i leave in new zealand we dont have radio shack here i think well not that i know of at least so one that can zoom 60-100x is what i should be after then thanks hick
...oops :eek: sorry kiwi ;)
a jewlers loupe @ 10-20X will suffice
lol thats cool man you'v gave me what i needed to know so a jewellers loupe will work?? thanks hick you've been a big help man
I have a 10x loupe and that doesn't supply enough magnification for me to see the color of the trike's.
I would recommend 40 x.
would that be enough i wanna be able to see the trichomes clearly enough to tell properlly so that i dont harvest to early or too late

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