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Marijuana Smoking Firsts..



hey there everyone,

Thought I would share a first for me. The first time i've ever smoked with a friends parent.

Tonight summerangel's dad came down to visit her, and they were filling out some forms for college, and talking.. and stuff... and me her and him had a beer, and then they went out to his truck to talk and get his pack of smokes.

About 15 min later.. right after i popped an addy.. and a seroqul somer comes in and goes cassie.. come out with us.. my dad is rolling a joint. and i'm like woah! what.. not that i didn't know he smoked. but woah! ya know. and i asked her how did that come up.. and she's like.. he was going though something and his bag was there and was like.. you don't need to see that.. and then she was like.. dad.. i smoke weed. so anyway.. she's like come out.. and i'm like ok... so i get my shoes on.. go out to the truck.. and sure enough.. he was rollin a joint. kinda odd smoking with your friends dad.. but it was chill. so he fired up the joint.. we smoked and talked.. and like.. it was just so relaxing. so like.. then my mom pulls up, she was just getting home from work.. and there is just pot smoke everywhere.. no doubt she smelled it.. when i opened up the truck door. but anyway.. we went in the house.. talked a bit more.. then he had to get home.. said goodbye.. and i dunno it was a night...

A Marijuana Smoking First for me: Smoking with a Friends Parent

Anyone else have a first story they would like to share?


I can remember one time me and a friend went out drinking one night and ran into his old man. We were outside catching a buzz when his old man walked out on us. I hid the joint and he asked what we were doing and said he smelled something funny and started to laugh. He said to fire it back up and pass it to him. It was kind of weird smoking with him but then again it was fun seeing that old bastard hit that joint and get high. I will never forget that.


i wanna be cool too!
Oct 22, 2005
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Thats awesome Pranic!!!

Mines not really actual smoking though...but i reached a milstone on my mums last visit by showing her some of my glass collection and commenting about how nice they smoked...i told her outright that if grandma was not here on this visit i would have hoped to share a smoke with her

She doesn't puff...but she did a bit back in her day ;)

TBG...hehehe....i did the same thing to a group of younger fellas once....i didn't stay and hit it...i just commented on the sweet smell :D

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