mid grade commercial to high f1 hybrid?

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Jan 31, 2005
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If you had a mid grade commercial strain and gave it alot of love, could it be as good as a higher grade strain like crystal which is a f1 hybird.
i know a guy who is growing mid grade bud and is beleaving that it's more then that. on the other hand i know someone who is growing some killer stuff that will put you out in one hit.
seeds/genetics are THE biggest factor in determining potency, but optimal growing conditions will defeinitely boost the potency to a degree, and also greatly boost yield.
Seeds found in commercial-grade pot (i.e. schwag) will, with proper care, slow-drying and curing, grow much better pot than the weed it came from.
But if you're expecting to grow white widow-quality pot from schwag seeds, ain't gonna happen, no mattter what you do.
thats what i thought, and i thank you guys for your help. i got a friend who is excited over his crop of commercial grade bud, what a shame.

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