multi strain auto grow first time.

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Apr 21, 2011
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so were do i start with the new grow. this is my first grow with autos. i am doing a few different strains with these autos i have a pineapple express auto that has broke the top of the soil last night.and a purple mazar that has just barely pushed threw. i am going to germ a couple more tonight. the two i am gunna start tonight are gunna be the BCN Diesel Auto and another purple mazar. i am growing in a 2ftx4ftx50in tent with a 400w hps cool tube and a carbon air scrubber. i am using 3 gallon nursery pots with ffof. i also have the fox farm trio just dont plan on using that till after 30 days or so. any advice would be great this is the first grow for me inside. the picture of the tent and setup is in the tent growers club this is the pineaplple express 2 days old

I'll pull up a chair for this one. I've been thinking about trying some auto's myself. Good luck!!
thanks for the support. have checked out a few forums but this one seemed way more friendly then some of the others i just started germn a bcn diesel and anoth purple mazar havent heard much good about the purple mazar but i will try it i left my tent open earlier came back to see my cat diggen in my pot. i almost strangled the cat but watever start another and try again
I agree. I found a couple forums before this one and everyone here are a great group of people.

Cats are bad bad during veg. For some reason they love the leaves. I had 5 jock horrors going about a month old, opened the tent to water, left for 2 minutes, came back and only 5 stems left. They only seem to sniff during flower I think. I don't know. We don't have a cat anymore. :hubba:

Welcome here bro. Ive got some AK-47 autos going now in one of my veg tents. I'm keeping an eye on this one.
oooo i was not very happy with the cat. the old lady was its your fault and was on the cats side. well today i have had a ourple mazar loose its seed hull so i have 2 above soil got temps around 80 degrees thow gunna get another fan and seperate my light and carbon filter. see if i can get it cooler that way. how are the prices on the street were u are its 20 a gram here. ranger i have an ak47xblueberry i am waiting to grow just to see if i can tweek my tent first. wana get things cooled down a bit morejust so i can have a good temp i would be happy to knock it down 4 degrees
great pic hick. that sums up how i felt after the fact.
well today i planted 2 more a bcn automatic deisel and another purple mazar the temps have been around 77-78 all day its a rainy day here kinda got a chill in the air today. and no cat problems so i think i am doing on i will get u guys some pictures when something actualy changes they all look the same
im keen to see this one out!!!
jc2010 i myself and my budy wher not happy with the purple mazar,,,wee got big autos that yeilded low [4ft] [10g~12g] and the taste and smell was awfull my freind compared it to babies sick and out all the plants wee grew [12] between us only 1 showed a lil bit of purp at the top they realy dident live up to the name,,,i hope yours dont go this way but just the heads up budy ,,they go for quite a bit aswell 12~13 weeks if i rember right./// autos are fun and easy to deal with and the peeps round hear are good bunch,,, all the best with yer grow. [j]
Thanks jesus. i just got the purple mazar cause they were just a couple dollars a peice my main goal is to get the pineapple express and bcn diesel done. in about a month i am going to start a regualar photo period strain big band it was a freebee from the single seed centre. i should have started my ak crossed with blueberry. i may winde up taken the rest of my auto seeds and toss them by my deer hunting spot. but i have been able to keep my tent temps down they are at 77 with a 43% humidity just to keep them there is gunna be the fun part not much has changed in the tent i would give you all some pics but is it worth it to see a couple little seedling leaves??? but i guess have a good one guys and stay safe
well here is a pic of the pineapple express and another one i dont remeber weather its a purp mazar or the bcn diesel. oh well.


ok so alot has happend. my x of over two years decided to hit me with a paturnity test. ok watever kinda a job and have been worken alot. and an update to the jurnal. pineapple express is doing great i think. you tell me and in the back is a bcn deisel the purple mazar was kiled by the cat damn thing and i started a virtigo not worth the picture u all should know what seedling look like. well here are my can see the deisel in the back rite corner and the pex up front.


pine 2.jpg
jc2010 yer cat did you a favor with killing your mazar budy,,,,, pex is this to an autoflowering strain? and who dose it? sounds like a nice strain//// i hope all goes good for you with these babies,,,,,im doing load of auto crosses just now ther good fun and good to see hapenen ...iv been messing with autos for bout 5 years and would say purple mazar is the only bad one iv worked with so far,,,,,, some i recomend if you find time to give a shot are lowryder2,white dewarf,auto lemon skunk iv found thes strains top so far. peace.[j]
hey j thanks for the reply i said pex as pineapple express it has a smell to it already. and yes it is an auto flower. i have a vertigo to the right of the p.ex. i do have a lemon skunk but havent germd it yet. when these autos are half way threw i am gunna start the big band feebie i got wich is a photo strain. i have an ak47xblueberry to have u tried that or a coffee ryder. i realt want to pop that ak out on my balcony BUT i live in the front of my building lol dotn think it would be a great idea. but i am a legal patient due to my back being messed up. at a young age i am pretty much screwed. i figured if i do the big band i can do a couple autos with it. even thow it pry wont give me much.
iv did lowlifes ak47xblueberry was very nice strain very blueberry taste smell to it,,,i did a seed run with it and my bro and me had good thing going with them beans i was geting a shoe box full every 2 months from my bro for feeding him beans,,,any lowlife strain iv did have been spot on good breeder,,, youl be chufed with this strain jc2010, peace and safe ops. [j]
so tonight i went fishing with my cuz and i came home to my gf yelling off the balcony i need to het inside because the cops are looking for me. ok at this point i am thinken what did i do now did someone see my grow in my room threw the window. but then i thaught to my self dosnt matter i am legal. so i call them and they bring me my subwoofer back that was stolen out of my car 4-5 months ago. its nice to see they realy do there job. the sad part is the juvenile that did it ran a state over so they cant do manything. they have contacted him and if he comes back to our state he will be booked on all charges plus some. my question is why do people do things like this. and i hope thees lowlifes do awsome i hope this barneys farm pineapple express does great.

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