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Feb 11, 2006
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I have successfully rooted clones from a well flowered female. Should I keep them on a 12/12 ? Yes I have done some reading, but I wanna B.S. with you guys about.
no, 12/12 if for flowering, go 18/6, or 24 hours light(will require more watering, obviously) i prefer 24 hours, then flowering 12/12, but you have to be really consistant, plants dont just adapt to something that differs every day...
Did you get them to root on 12/12? or have they been vegging?
I would say, it's your call. Especially if the rooted under 12/s. I'm sure your yeild would be reduced, but you'll have a lotta' time into revegging, vegging, then reflowering. But I've known lotsa' folks to put them clones to flowering soon after they rooted. (SOG)
Reveg (1) one to clone from later.
Good morning guys.
Hick . I did get my clones clones to root on 12/12. I will contine with that. I started on a whim never dreaming they would root. In fact my first grow was on a whim.

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