my first grow- cabinet soil operation

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Jul 25, 2005
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Well this is my first grow and i have very limited space but hey from what i see Im doing a good job. I just thought id like to have some feedback from experienced growers, and maybe get some tips if anyone has any. Let me know what you think! also, i guess you could say im anxious but does anyone have any guesses as to how much longer they should take to start to pre flower? the first sprouted at the very end of June.
You pictures don't show and also what strain you growing?
damnit- i guess i might not be able to get those pics up for a few more days but sorry i forgot to mention im growing white rhino. and i THINK im getting some calyx development too which is cool. sorry again about the pics the'll come..
~i can see the pics now, id like to know how you posted them so big....they look great. what kinda lights are you using?
I spoke to my friend, he doesnt know where he got W.r. exactly, but he said one parent is burmese. He also said (though he wasnt sure)) but the breeder who developed white rhino used to be in buisness with the same company who made all the white line, White widow ect. it used to be called something else. when the guy left the company he took his strain with him, and changed the name to white rhino. Medicine man from what i understand is like white rhino 2. pretty vague facts, if they are facts, but maybee somthing here can help you l=earn more about the strain. take care

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