My First Grow, with pics, please help!

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Sep 26, 2006
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hey i finally have some pictures of my first grow. i got some bag seed and planted 4 germed seeds in 4 little plastic cups. after they were planted the cups went next to my window, because i didnt have my light yet. within 2 days 2 of them had sprouted, while the other 2 didnt do anything. i moved them under a 60 watt flo bulb, and just today got the second lamp. im just wondering if i should be doing anything to move this along. do i have enough lights? i have extra bulbs i got from a friends apt building, but i dont think its the proper wattage. one of the 4 died, and im not sure about the one that hasnt sprouted yet. its been about 8 days since they have been in soil. anything helps, thanks

Picture 018.jpg

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I'm not one who thows out opinions, but those little babies are stretching to get at that light. I would transplant them into something taller ( like a pop bottle with the neck cut off) I would fill dirt up to just under their little round leaves (the first ones that you saw). As the "gods" will tell you soon, you want to get them as close under the light without them getting too hot. With a 60 watt cfl you can probably get them within an inch or two. I have vegged under cfl's with ok results. I have found my best luck with 175w Mh. You also don't want to screw around too much with seeds (IMO) I find them to be more tempermental than clones. :D Grow on! I would also suggest a 24/0 light set up for now as well. The "gods" I'm sure will help you with all those little boring details :rolleyes:
I would also get a small fan blowing on them and put some drainage holes in the cups if ya don't already have them. You don't want water sitting in the bottom of your cups. This can lead to root rot and death for your babies.

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