my little adventure

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well im a guy where if im out hiking or somewhere randoim ill always think to my self hey maybe thats where people keep their drugs or maybe someones growing weed over there." well that finaly came true today,,
So ther is this pond with a bunch of woods around it down the street from me. so i went there to do a little fishing and scout out future grow spots.. after looking around i noticed a campfire that had been there for a couple years... i inspected it and noticed alot of cigar wrappers among other things and noticed it had been used this summer... i looked around and noticed a white trash bag about 20 feet away...
i said to my self "Ha maybe ill find some drugs or a dead body" and walked over..
on further inspection i found a wooden box like one you would buy a nice bottle of rum or toqela in... i opend it and found 2 bubbles among some other things... the bubblers were really nice but i decided not the take anything because it was just be a **** thing to i desided that i looked up and in the only single gap in a wall a vines and tees a man in his car on the road was staring directly into my face. Man did this completly scare me. i quikly closed the box and put it back into the bag and saw the guy drive towards the entrance of the trail head... i rememberd the secret back entrance and qukily ran there and got the **** out of there...
Now i am a 6 foot 2 man who could probaly scare any normal person but i was jsut extremly scared that this guy had a knife or maybe he was a 6 foot 4 guy with 300 pounds of solid muscle... i did not want to meet this man so i pretty much ran like a little french school girl out of there...

Tomorrow i may go back with a friend and bring my fishing knife for saftly (even tho i would never use it to hurt someone unless i had too)
and if the box is still there then the person in the car was probaly just a random guy wondering why someone was looking in a trash bag in the woods...
but if it isnt come on why would you bee so stupid as to leave your expansive bublers in the line of the only spot where people on the road can see you... man oh man

haha i am wondering if this is anyone on the boards box..

It was probaly some teenagers who couldnt keep it in their rooms so they stashed it in the view of a road in a WHITE trash bag were someone was bound to find it
Hey man, that was my shit. j/k.

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