Need advice on a few things

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Jan 26, 2015
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Howzit guys,

Please see pictures and list below,
I have one strain that is acting very weirdly all together where leaves are growing very haphazardly and one plant is stunted.
In the same Grow I have another strain which is showing some deficiencies and I am not sure what?!
In the same grow I have perfect plants - I assume some strains are more sensitive than others, please help me identify what they need? Been looking all over the place online and I think I am getting a bit confused as there seem to be a multitude of things


Nutrient deficiency?


Blue rhino weird leaves


Perfect Blue cheese


Whole set up

1. How tall are your plants now? Ranging from 3cm to 4cm (2 of the problem strain are stunted to 1cm still)

2. How far from the lights are the tops of your plants? Is this a constant distance or have you changed it recently? 140cm, no recent changes

3. How old are they? 2 to 3 weeks depending on when they were ready to be planted (sprouted in cotton wool until root was at least 8mm long)

4. What strain are they? Acapulco gold (tallest), Blue rhino (deformed), Blue widow and blue cheese (growing perfectly)

5. Did you start them from seed or clone? Seed

6. What type of containers are you using and what size are they in gallons? Using polystyrene cups poked with tons of holes for oxygen at the moment, Waiting for them to be established before transplanting - I want to sort out these issues before I move them


7. Dirt? Yes

8. What mixture of dirt or type of dirt did you use? Indoor potting soil from the nursery, Has perlite etc already in it - even had earthworms (Means healthy soil right? made sure no worms went into the pots)

9. Is it a type that has added nutrients like "Miracle Grow"? No added nutrients


See picture,
Metal Halide 400 Watt
In the Grow room
Centered with white walls for reflection


27. What brand? What strength? What mix? Seagro

Ingredients: Nitrogen (N) 53g/kg, Phosphorous (P) 7g/kg; Potassium (K) 17g/kg; Calcium (Ca) 0.5g/kg; Magnesium (Mg) 1.5g/kg; Micro Elements: Manganese (Mn) 2mg/kg; Iron (Fe) 170 mg/kg; Copper (Cu) 1 mg/kg; Zinc (Zn) 37mg/kg; Boron (B)17 mg/kg (NPK Analysis 8:1:2 (8)).

I think I was overwatering the plants, The top of the soil would still be a bit moist but sticking my finger down the soil was dry - based on this I was watering once a day before lights turned on.

After seeing the base of the leaves were turning slightly yellow I didi some research and found out I should let the top of the soil be bone dry and so now I am watering once every 2 days.

I think overwatering flushed any nutrients out the soil - been watering with a VERY diluted seagro mixture and have watered twice with is now over the past 4 days

28. How often, and when was the last time? Watered this morning


29. Do you use ventilation for your indoor grow? yes

30. If so, what do you use? Intake on the bottom, extractor at the top

31. Do you use a fan? Yes

32. What type of fan and where is it pointed? What speed? Full speed (speed 3) so the stems vibrate slightly for stronger plants, sitting close to the light to blow heat to the extractor

33. Temperature of the grow area? Averaging 25.5 deg. celcius

34. Humidity of the grow area? averaging 40%

35. Is CO2 being introduced? What method? No

36. Do you use Odor Control, (carbon, ionizer, ozone gen)? No
thanx so much, will buy a PH testing kit ASAP!
Regarding the lights, how high do you recommend I place them?
My last batch overheated and even though we lowered them substantially, the soil would dry too quickly for me to keep up - I have read so many different measurements on different forums for a 400watt MH light?

PS any South Africans know where to get PH up and down formula? Can't find any at the nurseries or online - can only find a tester

Have you been feeding them? They probably didnt need food yet. You want to place your light at a distance that allows you to place the back of your had at the canopy of the plants for about 15 seconds and it doesnt burn your hand.
Buy a meter that measure down to a tenth. Test kits, IMO, are simply not accurate enough.
So if you really want to know my thinking about need Advice on a few things, then i will tell you that yes sure why not. You can ask anything. Its my pleasure to help you in these matters. But i want to clear one thing that i have some personal Problems Presently. So i can help you after some time.
The cotyledons need to yellow and shrivel before you start feeding them, until then just plain water will do as the cotyledons( little round leaves) are the food leaves and provide the plant with all it needs while a baby seedling, after they yellow and shrivel, then start a light feeding, like 1/8 strength and go up gradually. Let the cups dry out before you water, over watering is the most common mistake a new grower encounters! Good luck!
Your soil looks quite dense without good drainage capabilities. Perlite would improve drainage capabilities. It also appears that the soil has a bunch of nutrients added? If so then you not going to want to add any nutrients for a while.

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