Need help leveling my plant heights! Clone the top?

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Apr 5, 2011
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Hey all! This is my first grow and I've got 9 plants(Texada Timewarp 70/30% Sativa/Indica) in a 3x3 flood and drain table. 2 are growing taller than the others, and 2 are quite short.

The one in the back corner of the table is the tallest of them all, and isn't filling out like the rest. So I think I need to top/fim it so it is level with the others. But since these are going to be moms(regular seeds tho so I don't know how many girls yet) for my outdoor this summer, is there a way I can top/fim it and use that as a clone?

Here are the pics.


TexadaTimewarp 001 (Large).jpg

TexadaTimewarp 002 (Large).jpg
most friend

Take the top of that girl( pos thinking:aok:)...atleast 3 nodes from top...and use your method of cloneing..good luck ..

take care and be safe:bolt::Bong:
To level Plants, you plan cloning,
Clone should be done in any of the branch, not from the tip,
Its should be a healthy one...
you can do topping to level the plants....

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