Need some advice on curing .

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Jan 15, 2012
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Hello I cut the buds off and placed them in a drying net with a fan on low pointed at a corner to just circulate air I have a humidifier beside the fan and all of that in a small 4x4 tent the RH bounces from 20-35 percent and I can’t figure out how being there’s a machine making steam in there so I assume the tool I use to measure the RH is broken which I don’t think it is or I don’t see what I’m doing so can anyone help me figure out what I’m doing wrong it’s day three and I’m worried I’m gonna dry them instead of cure them . Oh and temp is 65 degrees
Just jar them up early. When the outer bud feels dry but the inside has moisture, if too soon and buds feel damp when opening the jar after a several hours just take them out spread them out till dry on outside and repeat.
Use the jar to control the drying process.

It's how I do it
You need to get the humidity out of the buds at this point and as fast as possible to avoid mold. I hang my bud in an out buiding with a fan on it for about a week until it feels dry then jar only if under 68%. But definately not an expert.
You can get a cheap humidity guage any where. But Grow dude is right. Now it is a crispy spongy battle.

how about an expensive gauge?…..are they everywhere?

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