new grow room

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cincy boy

Growing Growing...Gone
Jan 20, 2005
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nice new design

Size = L 1000mm x W 1000mm x H 1965mm

Yes, that looks nice. Seems to me like a hydro system.
would that be a drip system or flood and drain? nice. :)
i got one of those lights
but oval
and u can put 2 bulbs in it
but now i have those
energy efficent ones

would it still work
and im pretty sure that the wat is not high
it doesent matter the watts but instead the lumens
hey thats a nice set up u have there thats the one i kinda want. do u have like plans to make it?? that would be tight
what kind of light are you using bro? 250w, 400w or 1000w hps?
i dont know yet depends on how much i can get make on my next paycheck
nice set up you have. one question. where are your plants?

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