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Jul 2, 2005
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Hi all. This is my first attempt at growing. It's an indoor setup, very basic. I used miracle grow potting soil in plastic cups. Gravel at the bottom and holes punched in the cups. I germinated the seeds between wet paper towels and now have 22 sprouts with an average size of about 3 inches tall one week after planting (actually 9 days now). I'm using three flourescent fixtures (24 hours on) and a fan for ventilation and to strengthen the stems. What kind of growth rate should I expect? What's an average to look for?
I haven't fertilized yet because I read that with good soil, there's no need until about three weeks. True?
I'm looking to produce shorter, thicker plants as the space available is limited. Is there any pruning necessary? If so, at what stage?
With flores expect slow growth compared to sunlight or HPS. For the medium, make sure it is mixed for maximum drainage. For a fertilizer, use liquid nuts found at growing stores. Also, you may want to flush to soil, and fertilze it yourself. The pre-add nutrients are not the right mixture for pot plants, and are sometime unbalanced. A good premixed soil to look into is the one to prevent root-rot. And if space is limited, try training the plants to use less space.
Get the plants out of those plastic cups and put them into 6" planters (the size house plants come in).
Flo's produce slow growth and produce only 1/3 the yield vs. HPS.
A fan moves air. Ventilation requires exhausting the existing air and bringing in fresh air. Keep the flo's 1" above the plant tops.
The most important piece of advice I can give you is to read read read. Do a search for grow books and spend time learning.
To be a succesful grower, you need more info than you can obtain for asking Q's on the internet.

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