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Jan 16, 2007
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Greetings to everyone on Cannaseed!!!
Due to security reasons I cannot disclose my name, however you can call me Cilo for short if you like (cilohahdduB is actually Buddhaholic backwards heh). I like very near to the equator in South East Asia (we get thai sticks here). However, there are not many different strains you can choose from where I am from because virtually nobody apart from the village people from neighbouring countries grow and if anybody else is growing it is usually kept very top secret because of the harsh laws regarding pot growing in my country. I live in a modern city and we have people from all over the world so I am blessed with having friends of all different races and from all over the place. I dispise rasists by the way. I am Eurasian, my father is French and my mother is Japanese. I have never successfully grown on my own in my life before because when I tried a couple of years ago when I was still living with my parents they caught me growing it and I had to get rid of my plants during their vegetative stage (it was trememdously heart-breaking.) However I did talk my friend into growing at his apartment right after I killed my plants and we successfully grew and harvested NL x H and a strain called Who's Your Daddy compliments of which was a cross of Warlock and something else. That was about 2 years ago and now I'm living with my girlfriend who also is a buddhaholic and so we have come to the decision that we are going to start growing!!!
Apart from toking up, I also do Muay Thai, which is thai kickboxing
. I enjoy it very much and have won a couple of trophies from competitions.

I try my best to educate and spread the message around that marijuana is NOT a bad thing. I believe that marijuana is a drug in the sense that it helps medicate people in many many ways (Prozac is a drug, it helps medicate people but look how at what expense? Marijuana is a lot better than many other drugs out there). I despise people who think smoking marijuana is wrong when they do not know the benefits and are usually bias towards it and have very bad and wrong knowledge of the herb (for example when people say marijuana gets you depressed).

Other than marijuana, I have also grown and am still growing shrooms and if anybody is interested I would be more than willing to share my spores. I currently hold B+, Equador, and Golden Teacher spores.

Thank you!!! And I look forward to starting on my grow. And you can be guaranteed I'll post pictures and a journal up!!! Would appreciate the help when I need it from you guys too!!! Have a great day everyone!!!


Elephant Man

Oct 6, 2006
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Welcome to MP. SE, you might be surprised to hear how many of us love SE sativas, consider yourself very lucky. :)

Thai stick? mmmm...see above.

Muay Thai? Love it...throw in a little ju-jitsu groundwork and you are deadly my freind.

Mushrooms? Errrmmm...other forums out there for that type of thing...strictly MJ here.


Welcome to MP. Glad to have ya here and hope to see ya around.

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