Normal that first true leaves have a lot of yellow?

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Hump day update
Since I have only one plant, I normally mix up a half gallon of feed (per instructions on bottles) and that will last a week, feeding a quarter gallon twice a week. That seems to work, anyone have any thoughts on that frequency/amount of feed?

I water with the AC infinity self watering pot bases. I really like those bases, and I have not had any problems with gnats in the Ocean Forest which I’ve read on here can sometimes happen. I think because the upper layer of soil stays pretty dry using the self watering base.
On April 14, it will be 9 full weeks of flower. I think I’ll be harvesting this weekend, mostly because my wife is bitching about the smell and I’ll be needing the light for some veggies.

No Amber trichomes as of yet though

That looks pretty much identical to the Gelato I have been running. Not surprised to learn it is a Gelato cross, after searching the strain.

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