northen lights germ

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Apr 4, 2005
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Today, few of my northen lights sprout, but they don't look right for some reason. I am thinking it could be a soil issue since i am trying something new. i bought some potting soil and mixed it with 50% perlite and i just throw my seeds in there, I like to germinate in the soil, since i never had a problem. Tell me what you guys think could be the problem.
it hasn't been growing much though joe. don't you think the perlite can be a problem?
awww. look at all the room it has! I dunno, i think i learned my lesson trying to diagnose Mojos plants. Its hard to do. as far as i know perlite is inert, and lots of it will really only affect the dirts ability to hold water.
Yeah I suck at "Guess my problum" too. I think it's to early to diagnose them anyway. Just give'm a while. See what happens bro. Heh, and calm down. It'll be ok. :)

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