nuetralizing the smell

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im planning on growing some smelly buds in my closet... i i pretty much want to elimanate any smell coming out of the closet so friends or girlfriend wont notice... CAn i simply stick one of those plug in scented things in the room or will i have to get something more powerful....Im on a budget tho
The Scent coming off the plant overtime is a very strong stench, i would reccoment finding a ven to fan it threw i dont think a air freshener would be enough...
a pan or bowl of white vinegar in the room will help negate some of the odor, but doesn't eliminate high odor strains.
thanks for the help im planning on sticking a bunch of those scentin plug ins and ill try the vinager.. if it doesnt work ill just have to cut a whole in the wall and connect the foil tubing to the one that blows the moisture in my bathroom outside..

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