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The grass is greener...
Jan 26, 2007
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Hi MP dudes,

I`ve a couple of questions/problems which I could do with some help, in order to get my dankness back in flow:p ...

I`ve just made the switch, after eight weeks in veg to 12/12.

The nutes I will be using for flower has an NPK ratio of 14-10-27. This will, ofcourse bring on a P deficiency.

I wish to add bone meal 4-20-0 to counter this but have no idea as to the amount per 3gall pot:eek: .

Also, my "problem"...

When the switch was being made on tuesday, I had a sparky (Electrician) come round swaping my electrical mains box for a new, more modern one.
In my oppinion 'if it aint broke, don`t fix it', however within the area I live this was compulsary for all homes to have done.
The lights are now set to come on in the evening rather than the day due to his visit. Some may say this is a good thing as I`ll save on electricity running at night, others - no hassle when workmen come round as the place is in darkness anyway etc, etc.

I, on the other hand would prefer to run my lights during the day. I have a few personal reasons for this which I won`t go into`s got nothing to do with anything!!!

Apollogies for digressing friends, how can I get the lights back round to my requirements, without creating BALLS! and other undesireable things?

extend the dark period to 24, just like THAT you're back on schedule
IMO, a 14-10-27 nutrient has too much N for flowering. What are you using?
It`s called 'Phostrogen'.

The reason I`m using this is because it has ALL trace elements including Mg, Cu and Sulfur in high amounts.

I have other nutrients - 5-5-10 with seven trace elements but it`s in beeded form; slow release.

I`m thinking that l\l ratio will be fine, as long as I can add the correct amount of bone meal i.e making it presumably 18-30-27.

Any ideas?
run lights at night to save on cooling costs
Anyone have the info on the amount to add in conjunction with the phostrogen?
OGKushman said:
run lights at night to save on cooling costs


thats exactly what i do.. 7pm to 7am lights on for 3 reasons
1) i air cool my hoods with outside air..... its cooler at night
2) im home at night and gone during the day.. dont like disturbing the night cycle to do whatever i need to do..
3) i like my lights OFF when im not home.. gives me peace of mind..
sorry i cant help U with tha nutes question... good luck

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