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Apr 4, 2005
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I have moved my new seedling indoors (2 40W floros) now and she is a litttle over 2 inches tall. I have her planted in a 6 inch pot with mircle gro mouisture control. Are there any nutrients i need to consider adding now or in the future or should i just let light and water do the trick? Also about how long should i expect before i can take clones?
I also forgot to mention about watering. right now they get water as needed usually enough to keep the soil on top moist. is this too much or okay. also when do you start to chage the water cycle?
MG contains nutes, possibly too many for babies, and "moisture control" has high water retaining qualities. That soil should be let dry to a depth of at least 3 inches before more watering.
You can take cuts as soon as secondary growth allows it.
i usualy give to my plants just a small doze of root complex, and then hold up to 2-4 pair of leafs appear. then i use complex of nutritiens(hesi at the moment), its just depend how much money u want to spend and what made u like. in my opinion the well known made will rather be ok. if u have hols in pots u will see water comming out. its easy to see how much to give- dont make a mud in pots, if u lift the pot u can feel as well how heavy it is(remember how heavy was when u planted?if its 3 times more u put to much) good luck!

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