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May 25, 2005
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Where I live, pot growing is so accepted, I'm surprized when I find out that someone ISN'T growing pot.
Even people who don't smoke will grow it for friends, relatives or profit.
Cops out here don't bust personal (25 plants or less) grows unless someone complains and the grower doesn't have a 'script.

So yesterday I'm out tending my garden and I hear a chopper.
In the past, that sound would send me scurrying for cover, and worry the **** out of me.
Not any more. I ignored it.
Before, I would visit my garden at dawn or dusk, wearing camo's, alert for any small sound. I don't have to do that anymore.
And I kinda miss that "outlaw" feeling.
Don't miss it too much, around here they are crackin down hard. The government just announced that meth has reached our area and they are blaming weed. A buddy of mine used to grow but stopped after his last harvest cause he is too scared of gettin busted.
Out here, the meth problem is what finally accounted for the more or less total acceptence of marijuana and growing among the last few holdouts.
People are more concerned about meth labs/users.
Because of the odor, rural area's are preferred by meth cookers, and virtually ALL of the county I live in is rural.

For decades, one tactic the gov't uses to keep marijuana illegal is to lump it together with drugs like meth and heroin. Indeed, under federal laws, marijuana IS in the same catagory as heroin--"no accepted medicinal use".

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