Oh hai.

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This will be my first grow as a single girl (all by myself from seed!) I'm excited, learned a lot over the years and still SO much more to learn (which is one other reason I love these plants).

I currently have 90 healthy plants (little plants) and have never grown from seed. Back in March, I started almost 250 seeds and would you believe my cat dug them all up while I slept?!
So, I managed to rescue about 10 from there...ya...10.

For now they are all sitting in a south window until I get my lights in.

Will likely live here when that time comes - I am certain I will need lots of help! On a side note, I just read THG's scrog diy guide and now I know what I will be giving as gifts to my closest frenz this xmas!

Thanks! <3
:welcome: fizzgig. im lovin b.c also! good luck ask tonnes of questions, read & mainly post some pics so we can all have a look @ the girls. enjoy
Welcome to MP....this is a great place to learn a lot and make some cool friends. Not like most of the other MJ sites. Enjoy your stay.
:welcome: 90 plants? Youre gonna need a very large space, hows your budget?
Easy, Nova, where I come from, we don't talk about a girl's budget until we know her pretty good. JK.

Welcome Fizz--have fun.
Thanks for the welcome everyone, ya, this is the first and only canna forum I actually joined, so it must be speshul!? Well, if it wasn't before, it is now? hehe

90 plants from unknown seeds...so, I imagine a few will be boyz.
I live on 2 acres backing to no-man's land so, many will be outside and I have an entire bedroom dedicated for inside. Will post pics when it is set up! Next month I will bring lights in and all that.

I actually have a fren who is an electrician supplying me and hooking me up!

I have a separate space for clones but I'm not going to worry about that for now.

Yay! *puff puff pass...*
I have some pics to share today...
(Hope it's alright to post a bunch at once?)


I was so proud to see the first 7 point leaves!

Here is the healthiest one today...I am not certain why she(?) is the ONLY one but ...
(also the same plant as first 7 leaves)
I put a bunch of plants outside in various locations early...I will put most others out this coming weekend.

Got some purple leaves and stems from them being cold (it's really the only explanation)

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That healthy one above appears to be male...already. I didn't think one could detect so early?
:welcome: Sorry to hear about your cat getting your seedlings!


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