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Organic Tea Brews


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Feb 20, 2011
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Howdy all, I was just wandering if anyone had any good Organic Tea mixes they would like to share? I have been getting into Organics for the past year and I really really like it, Starting a worm farm this fall and gonna start producing my own poo! Does anyone here have experience with Worm castings and teas brewed with worm casting or Bat or sea bird Guano, I was and still am using Budswell Bat and Seabird Guano for teas, Ive seen some other theads at other places but I wanna start one here for everyone to enjoy and please if you have pictures of your Organic grow bud with a recipe please post for us to show everyone the beatuy behind growing naturally :icon_smile: Peace Love and Happy Growing and Toking my Brothers and Sisters!

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