Our first Banning

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Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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I have been on this site not long. But I have been through 90% of the archives. I love this site, and some of the members I have gained a massive amount of respect for and consider them "anonymnous" freinds.

I just noticed that we had our first banning. :(

It was necessary due to the content that the certain person was posting. but it is unfortunate. The rules here are not strict. All the members so far just ask others to be respectful, helpful, and maintain basic manners when posting. I don't really care whats posted as long as it doesn't turn into a heated debate, or berating a persons opinion. Just politeley challenge the opinion. Use profanity all you want. talk about the game last weekend. I know I don't care. But if someone replies with a misunderstanding and took something the wrong way. try to work it out in a PM. Basically lets all get along.

I hope any new people before signing up read this. The good forums are vanishing as we speak. places like mjp are ban happy. they will delete or edit your posts. If they "don't like the content for personal reasons" even though its a pertanent information and even fact on some occasions. We have had one instance of post editing since I been here. That was protecting stealth packaging methods. Thats it.

So lets keep this site without the excessive rules and talk about growing weed. ;) No flaming or trolling. Lets just keep this an enjoyable place to post for all. This is just my opinion. I like the site being an open forum and not moderated heavily. Just lightlty monitored.

Thanks for all your great work Hick and MarP. your doing excellent work.

I agree strongly. Well said Mutt.
And good riddance to the S.O.B. It was a well deserved ban.
I diliberated for some time on this issue. MillitiaR claiming to be leo, and the "veiled threat" prompted the action. Not his "lack of contributing, nor his incorrect information, nor his violent tendancy."
The post was meant to incite fear or anger..or both. Well...consider it successfull, it pissed me off.
Of course, like most of his other posts, it was/is total **. He's nomore connected with leo than I am to the wizard of Oz.
Now..."Who wants courage...a heart...and who wants to get back home to Kansas?"

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