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May 22, 2007
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So I heard that the mo' lights the better. So wat if u were to up the wattage to like 5000 W or even mo' for a signal plant. Reguarding all possible problems like heat and extreme cooling methods, etc. Would it benefit the plant better? I sort of see DWC and aeroponics as extreme growing methods, but towards the water, its roots. I know this is where all plants are feed so it's ideal to play w/ this area to increase growth, but growth also happens w/ light no one ever tried extreme methods w/ lights? Air is another factor, so there's CO2 and increasing the atmospheric pressure w/ it around the plant, its like another extreme thing, but wat of lighting?
I am not sure of your question, but more lighting is good, But, you can't fry the plants which means, very good ventilation and air movement etc. Keeping the temps at the right range would be hard to do. I am a dirt farmer so can't help with the DWC ideas.
Be a waste. Try using a single 1k light and see if you can achieve 1k grams, dry yield, from a single plant. Then move on up.
u can cool the room w/ many A/C's, so it wont fry and reguard any other problems u may encounter w/ this set up. but once up have the set up would all that light do it better?
I believe that there is a point of diminishing returns with light, but I do not know what it is. I think you should be talking in terms of lumens per sq ft rather than a certain amount of watts in an undetermined sized space.
well wat every problems or additional concerns that may arise, if u can get around them, would extreme lighting help? i did fore tell things like heat and coooling issues, metal walls instead of cardboard if u did it in a box, the heat would burn the cardboard, catch fire. issues of trying to balance the A/C w/ the lights so the A/C can keep the cardboard cool enough not to catch fire, maybe setting a thermo timer to the A/C can help or just get an A/C w/ a timer built inside. i like metal better, in case the A/C stops 4 wat ever reason, filter get cloged, frozen over. etc. i didn't mention the many steps involved inorder to get this, i was just curious. I was trying to say if all the possible problems that may arise were to be regarded or taken into account, gotten over, resolved, would the plant greatly benefit from this? Also another foretelling thing, would this be like over feeding a plant, if u give it too much nutes it will die. So perhaps overdosing a plant w/ photons of light may be too much, there maybe a capping point.

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