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Jun 27, 2005
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Plants are now 5 weeks and 3 days from sprout, been on 12/12 400w hps for last 3 days. I've been noticing what looks like evidence of something munching on the leaves (see pics). First time grower, so I wouldn't know how to identify a pest problem if I saw one. I've heard spider mites are a common problem for indoor growers, but my closet is pretty well quarantined, and my windows are always closed since I run the a/c 24/7.

Any ideas, anyone?

Thanks, MoJo

5weeks3days 001.jpg

5weeks3days 002.jpg

5weeks3days 003.jpg

5weeks3days 004.jpg
You could try letting loose some Predator Bugs just in case. Couldn't hurt... could it?
doesn't look like mites. Mites don't eat the leaves, but suck the juices from them, causing tiny pin prick spots.
Examine the under side of the leaves with magnification. Predators, or "Beneficials" can be utilized, once they have been ID'd, but different pests require different predators. You have to "know your enemy"
WOW! That is quite an amazing sea of green. I am learning the hard way that the overall health of the plant supercedes the occasional distorted leave. I have a plant that shows serious signs of "something" that eventually causes the large fan leaves to drop.

The good thing is that the top of the plant and the growing shoots coming from the smaller branches at the leaf axils are healthy and green, and we all know thats where the good stuff is going to bloom.

Good Luck
Thanks, Steve, I know exactly what you mean. This is my first grow and I have obsessed over it as though it were a firstborn. I too have learned that sometimes you just gotta give the plant what it needs and let mother nature take care of the rest. I'm hoping to only have 2 males out of those six, so if the next 6 weeks or so of flower go well, I should be looking at a nice harvest.
You a soil or hydro man?
I'm in the starting stages of this whole growing thing, so I am currently using soil. When I have more experience I am definately looking into hydro. It looks like you have a hydro setup? It seems like alot of prep work?

I have a new post showing what sort of leaf damage I am dealing with...check it out, it should make you feel better about your leaf damage. :)
Take Care.
Hey bro. To me I cant see your finger prints at all. But to a cop with a good graphic program and a gov. computer..... I'd get some pic's up where it doesnt show the pads of your finger tips. :)
Diseased Strain, are you smoking sativa's again, you seem somewhat paranoid.
I really doubt if any leo would take the time & trouble to try to get fingerprints off a pic of a personal grow posted on the internet.
They'd need at least 1 search warrant and I doubt if any judge would issue one based on a pic posted on the internet, since there's no evidence that mojomon took that pic at his house.
Heh, maybe I am. But you never know. :) I'll try posting sober tomarow. Today is shot. :D
I gotta agree w/Guru on this one, no offense. I think a much higher resolution picture might be needed to establish a match, don't you? Your weed must be potent, bro!
I just remember hearin a story of someone who got busted that way is all.
LOL @ sativas...
Prolly not an issue, but "IMHO" it is always wise/prudent, to not reveal any information or clues to identity or location.

It isn't "paranoia", it is self preservation.
No Computer in the world could possibly get prints from a picture like that .. if you were to zoom in on a picture like that the image would get worse .. its blurry in the first place ..

pretty funny tho .. paranoia can be Horrible. . .

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