Please help my baby !


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May 30, 2014
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My first attempt to grow this wonderful plant was the last year. Had 13 plants . It's an intense bond that forms (i'm pretty sure you already know this better than me :bong: ) . I was documented about how to basically grow them but i lacked the experience , so unfortunately i burned their roots overfeeding them. It was a sad experience .. my babies :'( .
This year i wanted to start over and plant some seeds. Only 1 seed germinated and had successfully become a strong and beautiful baby (at least that's what i think) . I have successfully fed it without killing it :headbang2::cool2: and it's starting to get a bushy look :D . The problem is that in the past week some weird white dots (i understand that there might be some insects that suck the chlorophyll) started to appear on the plants leafs and the young leafs were looking like they were eaten and damaged . I ve tried to identify the insects that are responsible for it but i fail to understand what it really is . There are almost all the time some little black flies standing on the back of the leafs and im trying to kill any i see . Today's inspection scared me . There were some very little larva-looking insects (not sure if they were larva) that were on my plant's leafs . Im guessing they are responsible for the damaged eaten-looking like leafs . I'll post a few pictures to show you guys the problem. I need your expertise !!! :D
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Aug 22, 2006
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Post up some pics and we will see if we can help. Spider mites suck the chlorophyll from the leaves and leave small white dots on the leaves, but they are incredibly small (you almost need magnification to see them) and do not have a larva form, so it sounds like another critter.


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Jan 2, 2010
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The white spots could be thrip. I don't know what took a bite out of your leaf though. You better go thru your plants with an eye loope and find out what you have in there. SNS has good products for thrip and or spider mites... The underside of the leaves will have little black **** on them...You need to treat. I would get the sns.


May 3, 2008
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you got thrips man.
not bad, but some neem oil will clear em right up.


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Mar 27, 2011
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That is undoubtedly Thrips :eek: I recommend that you get some Azomax(abstract of Neem oil) right away. What you will do is mix up the oil in the Azomax in 1 gallon of water and water each plant with it. Pour enough of the mixture into the soil to soak all of the soil. Then mix up a smaller amount of the Azomax solution (if you don't have any left over from the 1 gallon) and put it in a sprayer bottle and spray all of the leaves, top and bottom. Soak them then turn off the lights for at least 2 hours so that they can dry without the light burning the leaves through the water droplets that will form on the leaves.

Give them 7-10 days and then do it again the same way. The Azomax is biodegradable and will break down within the plant and soil after 10 days, so you want to do the second drench to keep the active ingredient present within the plant and soil so that newly hatching Thrips will die. :)

Get some yellow "sensor pads" to keep in the space with them so that you can see if you are getting bugs. The "sensor pads" are bright yellow to attract any bugs, and they are covered with sticky glue that will catch any flying or crawling bugs that come to it. You set out a couple at the soil level and then hang one at the lights and use them to monitor bug activity. :)

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