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Mar 14, 2011
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:confused2: how do i lower or raise my ppms im trying to understand this part of growing. add nuts add more water i just dont know please help me understand i bought a tri-meter ph,ppm water temp ,i know ph part and temp.as of right now my ppm is 890 on a 20g resv im using gh 3 part flora series gro,micro,bloom.im doing a dwc now trying to find a feeding schedual with the same nuts and ppms to follow as a baseline,,
Here GH's floraseries calculator

To lower ppms you add low ppm h2o, to raise ppms you add nutes.

you running GH?
I find GH's schedule to be a bit hot. I recommend always raising your ppms slowly to see how much food your plants want. Not all plants like the same nute oncentrations. I raise my ppms until I see a little nute burn and then back off a tad.
DO NOT get impatient with nutrients. my partner nearly burned up several crops because he wouldn't use a TDS meter. In hydro, everything happens fast, but yu must be patient and carefully adjust to your particular setup n plant variant. NEVER GUESS AT IT! always measure carefully
thanks for the info just trying to learn the ppms my water is 300ppms so thats my starting point so if i put nuts in lets say 1000ppms then my meter will read 1300? or add just enough to raise it 1000ppms counting the 300ppms the water allready has? so 300+700=1000ppms or 300+1000ppms nuts
yes its a bit creepy OG ,on holloween kids just freak out screaming when i open the door very slow ha ha ha ah
Jim you always want to account for the tds of your water. sounds like you have my water, which i dont use at all. try to get ro somehow. you can get a quality unit for around 150-200 bucks. if you do use your water then use hardwater micro. will help a little, but im assuming your ph is pretty high meaning that there is alot of calcium in there which will be costly in ph down not to mention the crazy amounts the roots are going to be sitting in. that 300 ppm that you're starting off w/ is really hurting you cause mostly that 300 ppm is not a usable form of nute. hopefully i make sense

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