Pre-picking buds?

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Apr 1, 2011
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I was wondering (and couldn't find an answer anywhere), since I'm starting to grow some plants, what would happen if I picked the buds before they are 100% ready???
The flowering periods seems crazy and risky to me, so I'm wondering if the buds are there I can't simply take them and dry them if they aren't at their biggest?

you can harvest tomatoes, corn and apples early too, you know? but if its not ripe its not what it could have been.

that said it all depends on how old. if you're talking about pulling then a week early thats one thing. if you are pulling them 6 weeks early that's another.
If you take them before they are done you will wind up with a crappy head high at best....patience is a virtue in this crazy hobby of ours.
As you will see posted here repeatedly;

Patience is the one requirement of growing good buds that cannot be purchased at the grow shop.

A week or two can make the difference between mediocre bud and straight knock you on your butt bud. . .

If you make it through till harvest you are really gonna hate drying and curing properly. ..
What exactly do you mean by "the flowering periods seems crazy and risky to me"? The flowering period is what it is. Plants taken early with immature trichs is going to give you little or no high and a lot less yield. There is no way to hurry the flowering process up.
Sounds like you ought to look into Auto's, as those are about the quickest harvest from seeds.
my my said:
Sounds like you ought to look into Auto's, as those are about the quickest harvest from seeds.

And that is why I run from clone....if ya can get a hold of a Dank strain that finishes in 49 days (they are out there) plus two weeks of veg you are in and out in 63 days and you don't have to smoke auto smoke that is a B+ at best. I am not hating on autos just stating my opinion having grown quite a few autos and also of having the privelage of smoking some clone only cuts that I wld rate A+ in terms of potency and taste.

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