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Aug 21, 2005
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Hey i am a new grower and ive been doing alot of reading around the internet .

i came across Hundreds of differant tips and tricks . one main one that i am interested in doing but before i try i just wanted to get a few more opinions from some more growers..

I have heard that it can be beneficial to add a small dose of Estrogen to the plant's water supply (Estrogen is a Human Female Hormone found in Birth Control Pills) .. i got a few pills from a friend of mine and i crushed them down to powder....

does anyone know of the effects this will have on the plant .. and if they are good how much is a good dose to give them ..

Thanks in advance for any feedback

-Mr Anonymous
Forget the estrogen, it does nothing. That myth was busted long ago. It was said to cause your plants to be female, but is not true.

ive also heard that soaking egg shells and banana peels in water . (or boiling the water) . and then straining it before giving it to the plant is beneficial due to Calcium and Potassium ...

i dont want to put scraps right in the soil because ill end up with a fruit fly problem ..

is this true?
I don't know about banana peels but if you put egg shells in the water and let it stay for few hours, then take the shells out and pure that water on your plants is a source of calcium.
How about buying a sack of full-spectrum fertilizer that has the proper amounts of ALL the major minor and micro-nutrients and trace elements instead?
Hey Guru ..

Is there a specific brand or type that is better than others? if so can you tell me the better ones. .

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