Question about watering during dark stage of flowering

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May 31, 2011
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I have a recirculating loop drip system with a rockwool buried in hydroton rocks grow medium. Each system is a three gallon net bucket housed within a five gallon bucket. Water is fed through the loop drip with the an airhose at the bottom of each five gallon bucket that pushes water up through the loop. There is always 6 to 8 inches water at the bottom of each five gallon bucket except when recirculating water back to the reservoir.

I have a friend much more experienced than I who just informed me that I should be turning the drip system off during the dark stage of flowering. I'm sure he is right as he has many years successful growing experience. I just wanted to understand the logic behind it. Any input would be appreciated. Also, does it really matter turning off the drip system in the dark stage if much of the root ball has grown through the three gallon buckets and is exposed to the standing water in the five gallon bucket or do I need to recirculate the water back to the reservoir during the dark period leavinig the five gallon buckets empty for the 12 hour dark period?
I don't do hydro, but someone who does will be by any time. For now I will just....:bump: Good luck!
Noo yu absolutely do not want to drain the water out from the roots. As far as turning off the system during the dark period, I don't ever turn off mine, they circulate constantly and I have had no problems. Now there is certainly more than one way to do hydro. Honestly, it seems like every person does it at least a little different, according to their circumstances. I agree with yu that the roots are already laying in water, it shouldn't matter if the system is running. IMO having the system running constantly helps to keep the water aerated and oxygenated which is critical in hydro. If yu don't have good aeration in yer system yu will see browning roots as they start to drown, but good aeration will keep plenty of oxygen disolved in the water which will prevent the roots from rotting. There is still lots of activity goin on in the plant even in total darkness so I would suggest keeping the system running at least for 15 minutes out of each hour. Big bud mojo to ya
HP is right.
Think about it, if you turn the system off, your roots will sit in unoxygenated water, which is asking for root rot as well as a whole host of other pathogens that thrive in anerobic (low oxygen) conditions. If you turn it off, I guarantee within a day or two you will be asking why your plants are showing symptoms of overwatering, which is essentially what you would be doing.

Personally, I think you will maybe get away with turning off the recirculation but not the air and I speak from experience of having an air pump die on me and loosing plants overnight.

Stay frosty dude. W

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