Quick nutrient question or 2

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Jul 6, 2011
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Have you guys ever changed nutrient lines during a grow? I just started the flowering cycle today, lights went out for the first time. I am doing a full bucket wash and refill tonight (hydro DWC). I have used one nutrient line up till now, but am not happy with the way things are going.

Would there be anything wrong with changing now, for the flowering cycle, to another nutrient line, with a fresh clean bucket?
The plants wont know you have changed brand! They cant read lol
All they will know is they are getting fed, most around here seem to use GH. I preferred AN Sensi but I suppose any quality brand will give you good results. Just make sure you mix correctly and monitor the EC/PPM's
I would have to agree with the logic on WP's statement. As long as yer flushing out and cleaning the system before changing then yu reduce any cross contamination of chems that may react with each other (even though that probably wouldn't be a big deal if there was cross contamination, just maybe some chem lockout). yu should be fine.

What brand were yu using and why did yu not like the results (If I may ask)?:)
I'm with Hushpuppy--what have you been using and why aren't you happy with it? Are you keeping your pH within acceptable ranges?

What line are you going to?
Well, i don't want this to be a nutrient bashing thread, nor a "Those nutrients are awesome or lame" type thread. So I will just say this.

I had great success with a brand of nutrients since I began growing. I also like to keep it as simple as possible. During my last grow (harvested in early May) I did a side by side with my trusted nutrients, and a different brand. Well, I really liked the new brand I was trying so I decided to run with that.

For some reason, this time around, I am having such wild PH swings, and deficiency's on my leaves ) and this is whether I was using weak strength, 1/2 strength, or full strength), and I have tried everything to reign it under control, but just can not seem to do so. My PH needs to be tended to daily, which was not the case with my old nutrients (nor the case with these nutrients during my last grow). I soaked and rinsed my hydroton well, so I do not think that is the cause. I use RO water as well. My temps and ppm are right on point as well. So I am not sure as to whats the cause. And for 7 weeks now I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out, because I know these nutes are good.

To make matters worse, I was in a motorcycle accident recently and have a broken left leg, and a broken big toe on my right foot, so it makes tending to my PH on a daily basis next to impossible.

So I made the jump back to my original nutes, and its already paid off, as the PH was pretty steady after 24 hours, which was not the case with the other nutes during this grow. I will be checking it again tonight to see if its staying on point.

Thanks for the responses, I really appreciate the input. :D
That's good to hear that it is back straight. sometimes those things will make yu bang yer head against the wall tryin to figure it out.:headbang: :hairpull: I say if it works for ya then go with it.:watchplant: I'm sure yer plants appreciate the proper ph better than anyone.:banana:
Im in dwc and I've done this before, cleaning the res good gives good results and roots always love a good air bath.
Sorry to hear about the cycle accident, glad it was only a leg and toe!!!!! Mend well and fully, my friend!

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