Rabbit Tale

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May 25, 2005
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Even though I now live remotely,I used to live in the city, with lots of neighbors.
One Fri. I notice the guy next door loading up the family SUV. He mentions that they were going away for the weekend and asks me to keep an eye on his place.
No problemo.
Saturday I go out to the back yard to feed my dog and SH!T. I see my dog tossing around a dead dirt-encrusted rabbit.
The little girl next-door had a pet rabbit in their backyard she kept in a hutch.
She really loved the rabbit and I would see her out there feeding it and talking to it. She'd take it out to let in hop around in the back yard from time to time.
I look over and the door to the hutch is open.
Then I notice that a broken slat in the fence had been moved aside. I figure my dog had seen that rabbit hopping around and followed it's natural instinct.
I didn't know what to do. If it got out that my dog had gone into their backyard and killed the rabbit I could get sued or something.
I couldn't bring the rabbit back to life, what's done is done, and besides the girl was at least partially to blame for leaving the hutch open.
I had a brainstorm (or was it an anurism?).
I took the rabbit inside, washed all the dirt off, dried it and hopped the fence. I put the rabbit back in it's hutch and latched the door.
This way the family would figure out the rabbit died a natural death.
The next day the family returns. A little while later I hear the little girl screaming.
A few minutes later my neighbor comes over and says "Did you hear anything going on in my backyard while we were gone?"
"No, why?" I say.
"The weirest thing--Thursday my daughters pet rabbit died and we buried it in the back yard and now it's back in it's cage!"

It's only a joke folks.

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