Random Thought Thread

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Jul 20, 2020
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Like the title says , Random Thoughts.

Sometimes i get a random thought in my brain and feel the need to write it down so this gives me an outlet to get that thought down.

I suppose i could say it in the Old Farts or Misfits Threads. But sometimes there is a Theme going down and it would be disruptive to post a random thought. Not the tome or place.

For example , there are three things that i worried about as a kid growing up.

1. getting a goiter
2. stepping in quicksand
3. spontaneous combustion
What's your thoughts now.

I watched a giant black ant roll around a big round piece of dog food on my deck yesterday for over an hour while we had a smoke break on the porch. Woke up this morning wondering if he ever made it to where he was going. Just wondered if anyone else would get such entertainment out of such a small thing in life. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that makes my life easier…

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