Random Thought Thread

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I guess even 'droids like a buzz now and then.
These are the droids you are looking for
They going to make you play Santa too?
You'll shoot ya eye out kid , I see it now LOL
Did you help or supervise, I bet you got your hands dirty too, not like the other wanna be boss we had.
Believe it or not they have asked me to be Santa. Fkers,,all I got is a little beer belly.😱
Besides,,, Hippie will drive all the way to Texas to set in my lap.😁
50 years ago, it seemed the only ink that was around was prison blue - LOVE across the right knuckles, HATE across the left.
Now, it's like 'toon colors and shit. Elaborate labyrinths of artwork. REAL, intricate artwork. Still not interested.

Plus...I'm a major skinflint, and tats ain't cheap!
Very intricate and colorful nowadays, I'm about 60 percent covered, and still going


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