recovery from light burn

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Jan 19, 2005
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i grow using CFL. Many of them.

as i was installing a new fan, I pushed my 3 week old plant aside while I drilled the anchor holes. Unfortunately, I pushed it right onto one of my bulbs.

Now the bulbs don't get searing hot, but they are hot enough. Now where the plant was touching the bulb, the leaves have turned brown. it was only touching for about 5 minutes.

Will the leaves turn back to green? Will they just wilt and fall off?

I know the plant will recover, but I'm curious as this is the first time it happens in my closet.

Should I take this opportunity to top the plant and get rid of the burnt leaves?
My experience has been that the plant will recover, as you say, but that the leave will struggle along for awhile and eventually succumb to an early death.

Don't know about topping. Probably okay if the plant is otherwise healthy, tall, and late in the vegetative stage.
Bea, the damage won't repair itself. IMO, it is perfectly prudent to scissor the damaged portion off. I don't think it presents any problem, but cosmeticly , it's unappealling.
pfff! LOL! cosmetically... i like that..

Thanks for the advice. I really wasn't sure what to make of the burnt leaves. I will probably trim the leaves but not get rid of the entie shoot (the plant isn't that mature, only 6 or 7 inches tall).

thanks again
cosmeticly unappealing just sounded better than "f**kin' ugly"...:p

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