Roadrunner2 week 7 Not Budding!!

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Apr 30, 2011
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Hi lads,

This is my first grow,

I have 3 roadrunner autoflower which are in a week 7 and I don't see any buds at all...

White hairs keep growing but no buds!!

As far as I read, roudrunner supose to be ready in only 8 weeks...

Any advise?


Hey guys!

Please, any advise?

Should i put them 12/12???

It's my first growing, so far so good.. just don't want to mess up..

What is your light scheadual now?
Sometimes autos don't auto.

IMO..Flip to 12/12
Hi Mate
Thank's for yur replay!
scheadual was 20/4 till yestarday which i flip to 18/6
Do yu think is the best thing to do now?
I've read autos need as much light as possible..

Hi again, First of all I've never done autos.( i do have a g-13 auto fem NL seed)

Having said that, I would think you would be farther along at 7weeks.

Let someone else chime in.
FYI..If you do change to 12/12, make sure you keep the time when the lights came on the same time.

7am to 7pm or whatever,
i will wait a week more 18/6

if doesn't made any progres, i will flip to 12/12

Thank's for yur advise!!! Let yu know next week.

peace & respect
wait i have to convert to inches.

Lets see if i have an app on the phone!
I think Hamie meant.....Is your screen name and your email address the same?

Not good...
I have no idea...But log off and sign up for a new name.
how about just jordibcn2?
I can change it for you, you just remember not to use the "@hotmail" when you log in ;)
poooof ...he's gone :confused2:

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