Sativa or Indica

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Well, I guesse I will be the "turd in the punchbowl".. :p
I love the o' "locked to the couch",,"dribble on my chin"..."blank stare" indicas.
I'm with Hick all the way just knock my ass down.(couch me baby)Indica!
ahahah a well balanced mix between the two varities is whut i indeed prefer indica/sativa :p
yeah love the indica couchlock feeling:cool:

notice all the indica smokers are slow to respond ;) :D
shit i wont the bomb chronic all day so ill go with indica,but sativa good too
I love sativa. To tell you the truth the only time I like indica is when I cant sleep, or when I am so so depresed that I need the couch like affect so I can matain.

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