second hand smoke

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I do not smoke, but was a few days agio i was exposed to some second hand smoke. i have a drug test in three weeks. Is there any chance i will test positive or am i worring too much??

You will definitely test positive. You would do better to tell the judge you picked up a brownie off the break table & ate it, not knowing it had mj in it - `cause he ain`t gonna buy that secondhand smoke story...
after three weeks you will be fine,,just drink a lot of water between now and then ,,peace,love,rastfari
Hmmm...I have seen people lose their jobs over their mj level, although they SWORE it was "second - hand" smoke - unfortunately, very little is in the system naturally - over that and BOOM! you`re gone...:(
no way man my friends probation officer said theres no way in hell it will show on a test even if your hot boxing a car theres no way
you think im kidding ask a probation officer or a place where you get drug tests
Cincy, I`ve given drug tests...I know a little about it...;)
read this

I was at a party nine days ago, when my friends all started smoking pot. I didn't give in to the peer pressure. I didn't smoke any. But I did stay and hang around with them, and I think I got a little "contact buzz" from the second hand smoke. I'm in the military and have a random drug test tomorrow. Will second hand smoke show up in pee tests?? Please help me.

Thank You

Dear Reader,
Attention! It's past tomorrow, so you either passed or failed your drug test. But for future reference, second-hand marijuana smoke — buzz producing, or not — can leave traces of the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in your urine for a day or so after breathing the smoke. Usually, the amount is not enough to make you test positive. Most drug tests have intentionally high standards to avoid false positive results due to incidental ingestion of second-hand smoke.

Hair testing (which is rarely done because the results are not as reliable as results from urine tests) can give information about someone's drug use over a longer time period, say a month or so, rather than just a few days (for most drugs), or a few weeks (with heavy marijuana smoking, for example).

By the way, in order for you to test positive for THC, the marijuana smoke would have to be so thick that it would irritate the eyes of smokers and passive smoke breathers alike. Avoiding smoke-filled cars, unventilated rooms, and other enclosed smoky spaces can help ensure that you can hang out while your friends toke and still be clean for bugle call in the morning.
Cincy - never`re not getting it- lol
goldie whats to get the amount is so low it won't show do some research your on the computer all day :eek:
Still wondering in the dark here, you guys could help me out what a second hand smoke would be? :confused:
like say your smokin and some one next to you isent that person is inhaling your second hand smoke thats coming out of your mouth or off the burning end of the joint or ciggerett
I tried to use that as an excuse for a positive test before. My boss just laughed and fired me anyway. The amount of THC from second hand smoke is minimal.
Bingo! Joeblow Sees The Light! This Is What I Have Been Saying - Thanks!
I think it's going to depend on the person's body, and how much smoke they inhaled. My opinion is that you'll test negative, becasue it's 3 weeks away. Just drink lots of water to flush it out. But don't take my word for it, I'd hate for you to get busted on my account. I remember an incident here in Canada where an Olympic snow boarder was disqualified for inhaling second hand smoke 3 weeks before the competition.

I do know that Goldie has experience with this sort of thing though.
Yup. I do. Thats why I`ve laughed all the way through this thread - that guy is gonna try to blow smoke come test time, but it ain`t gonna work...
Um, I have smoked for... about 15 years while being in the job market. I have never tested positive for drugs. Is it just me ? Maybe. But this is what I do before a test. Starting two days before the test I drink so much water that I have to pee every 10 minutes. The day of the test I drink enough water to make my stomache hurt like it's going to burst when I sit down. Then I go to the test. by the time I get there I have to pee so bad. I go to the bathroom just before going into the testing building. And start drinking water till my eyes start to water. I gota go again in like 5 minutes. I'v always figured if you dont give the water enough time to absorb any wastes from your body. By drinking enough that your body just expells it because it is to saturated with water. That it will be like peeing plain water. Seems to work for me. But on the other hand. I'v also not done this and still passed. So liek I said before, It might just be me. Just make sure you tell them everything you can about what you had the day before. Poppy seeds show up as Opium in a drug test. Tell them you ate a poppy seed bagel the day before. Tell them you took an advil (or whatever pills they ask you about before you take the test) the morning before coming. Stuff like that.
DS, sounds like punishment to your body, :) But great if that works for you.

So, what I hear it's very regular that these tests come up for you guys? I never heard about a drug test here before. I have never been tested for something like this.

It's crazy, one day they put a chip in your butt and can follow you all the way.

There are many products on the market that flushes your system. Do these work?

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