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Sep 3, 2006
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does anyone know where i can get one of those small hps security lights? i like the 150w one at lowes but unfortionatly there is no lowes around where i live. only a home depot walmart. does anyone know if i can get it in any of those places or any where else besides lowes? cuss i dont want to use fluoros or cfls. but if thats ganna b my only choice i guess i have to. sumone please help?thank u
The Lowe's 150 watt lamp is way heavy...really hot...and in general, a pain in the arse to work with.

The 150 watt at home depot is decent enough...comapct...not too too hot...only needs some minor modification before putting it on a plant.


I tried both out when I was needing an accent light way wayyyy up on a shelf.
wich section of home depot do u find dis in cuss i dont want to ask anyone and attract attention. and is there a guide on how to wire it up and stuff?
Home Depot is not spying on you....ask where the security lights are.

Wiring'll want an extention cord, a ground one, that you'll be cutting the female end oof of so that you can wire white to to black...and green to green.

Disable the daylight sensor by either disconnecting it, or covering it with something that will keep it switched on.
ok thanx will this helped a lot:) o and how much did it cost?
You can also get em at prety cheap. 150W is like 50-75 bucks with the bulb.

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