Seeds are in!

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May 18, 2011
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Finally! My Sweet Babies are in. I got...
1 Seedsman White Widow :D
1 Big Buddha Blue Cheese :D
1 Advanced Seed Critical :D
1 Dinafem Sweet Deep Grape Fruit. :D

Im Ready to Begin my Grow Journal right when my Soil & MH Bulb gets here on Tuesday. I Just dont know if i should germinate using paper Towel or drop them in a small cup of water. What do you guyz think?
Water pops em quick.. within 24 hours usually.. I like to put my popped seeds.. tap root down ( or split open side where its white showing down) just under a lil peet in those peat pelet things. I get a gr8 germ rate.. like 100 percent if theyve popped.. I tryed soil as well using the paper towel method and I dont know what I did wrong but lost a few that way.. Hero
There are lots of methods, paper towel, plastic cup, straight into soil or medium, it will come down to what you prefer once you have a few under your belt.
I would say germ them immediately, no need to wait for your bulb to arrive, for the first few days they pop you can just sit them on a window ledge or under a small cfl/household light.
The germination thread here has some good info as does this guide from Mandala seeds.

I am a big fan of Blue Cheese, lovely long lasting stone but make sure you have a house full of munchies, lets say it enhances appetite! I also put 4 Seedsman White Widow in to pop last Friday. Look forwards to seeing your gj.
Green mojo fella. W
Like Woody said lots of ways. I have always had the best luck by putting the seed in about an inch of water until they sink and crack. then to medium of choice Crack side down.
I never soak my seeds in water--you shouldn't need to do this with fresh seeds. IMO, the best method is to simply let them germinate in some kind of medium--soil, rockwool, Rapid Rooters, etc. The less a seedling is handled, the better its chances of survival.

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