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Sep 7, 2005
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i got some high quality seeds from amsterdam (white widow) i germinated them between wet tissue then planted them in jiffy bags then put them under a light. i kept the tem at about 75-80. they have been there for about 2 weeks and nothing has happened. can anyone tell me what im doing wrong, are the seeds useless now. what can i do "help" :confused:

i dont understand?

did you germinate them? or did u TRY TO germinate them? because if ur trying to germinate them, that light is the worst thing for them
Do you have pictures? White widow usually pops out for me in about 2-5 days when i put it in soil after germ.
i have no pictures i got the seeds from amsterdam and when i got them i put them between 2 wet tissues on a plate with another plate on top to keep them dark then i put them in a warm closet and left them there untill the seeds sprouted i baught some jiffy bags (there like little hockey pucks and when you wet them they expand into a net bag with peat moss) i put some 20 20 20 fertilizer on the jiffy bags and sowed the seeds about about a half an inch then i put the plastic cover over them and put the tray under the light in a cupboard at about 80-90 degrees i watered them before they dryed out but over two weeks later nothing has happened. please help
This is kind of off the topic where and how did u get da seeds? I heard jiffy bags arent good to use. I just put mine on a sponge.
I use Jiffy Pellets all the time. They work great. I think your problem is bunk seeds. It happens from even the best suppliers sometimes. Try letting them know and see if they'll replace them. Any creditable seed company would.
Do not use fertilizer during the first 12 days after the seedling breaks the surface.
Make sure the soil your using is for seedlings...i made that mistake.

your bag of siol will probaly say if its not for seedlinggs
i bought the seeds from this site and i have emailed them asking them to compansate me with some more seeds but i havent heard back from them. i have the seeds in soil now but still nothing is happening its ph bal potting soil. there under a 400 watt hps light in a grow room. i dont thing the seed people i baught them off are going to get back to me but im hoping.

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