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Jun 30, 2023
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I don't know if I have another grow thread in me as it's just kind of part of our daily anymore.
Along with the cannabis and cannabis related products I have a few other interests that some of you seem to share as well..........maybe you can turn me onto my next skillset.
Nice thing about growing for a living is it enables me to focus on...........pretty much whatever catches my fancy and is in my paygrade.
Shoot shit,hell yeah!
Gunds,bows,my mouth off it's all good.
Be really nice if I could use this as a excuse to set my smithing forge back up.
I have been missing it and the shits just laying around in the shed of maybe.
That shits hard though so let me start somewhere easy........weed pics.
008 (1).jpg
CSC-0088 (1).jpg
I saw a sweet hand forged damascus knife one time that was made out of an old worn out Harley chain. I always wanted to do the anvil song, but I've got so many projects and so little time.
My first pattern weld was a old plow cable.
I did it by hand old school using borax as a flux and man........ugly aint quite the word.
No occlusions or voids and took a edge and kept it without snapping.........was a amazing feeling.
Maybe tomorrow instead of fixing the wife's washers agitator fiasco I can set the fun up.
The agitator post nut kept coming loose resulting in the clothes not agitating and getting clean.
So I loctited that ***** in there and it worked great.
Now the washer has squeezed out of there creating a gap allowing the post to spin again.
Need to get a torch on the nut to break it loose but the agitator post is plastic and in the way.
I am thinking cut the plastic collar holding the dog leg gears which should allow me to just lift the agitator out of the way........need a sharp chisel maybe?
I am glad I found here I had pretty much given up on forums with all the commies.
Remember when the world hated cowards?
Now it caters to them and the mentally ill.


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