So after all these years.....

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Old School
May 27, 2006
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Since I first discovered this group, about 15 years ago now, I've been through my own ups & downs - moved around - switched careers, built a lot of stuff, destroyed other things... throughout it all this passion we share has remained even when sharing a journal wasn't appealing, practical, or possible - I always come back to (usually quietly) peek my head in to see what's going on and after looking back over some of the awesome time spent here, as I put fire to a thing that many of us thought we'd never live to see..... A LEGAL "pre-roll" filled with far more than just high quality cannabis..... something no single strain alone contains.... Progress, Hope, Medicine, A CURE... for not only countless possible illnesses..... but also a potential cure for emotional, social, even economic hardships....So many of us began, as many still remain in a basement or in the valleys, rolling out tubing...eyes to the sky and ear to the ground, I'm at a major intersection in my journey, I'm curious to know how many of our members have done it.... Cut the red tape and really took it to the shelf.... Surely someone here has a story rolled into their success....that began "in the basement" so to speak... If not publicly I would really like to hear about it, my hair still stands up at the sound of a helicopter, but that's getting easier to laugh about once the pee dries....Let's hear it! I'm a mile high and jet-lagged .... So much has changed....I want to hear about success....failure....who's got their hard work and determination packed into these cones? I know somebody here does.... dm me if you don't want it posted....TIA
Quite a story Turkeyneck! Welcome! You and Walt should chew the fat!! My journey started in my basement when I retired 11 years ago and still going strong! Keeps me young.....

Looking forward to sharing life's journey with ya.

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