So, how's YOUR weather today??

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I ask mainly because it's SNOWING here...yes, a regular blizzard, I can't see the neighbor's house some 50' away!! We're expecting 6"'s everyone's outdoor plans coming along?? :D
sorry to rub it in but it's sunny here in england true brit with me sorts on haha BBQ yesterday it's all good never last long tho
peace fruity
It is 37 degrees F here this morning Roddy, no snow though thank goodness. Sorry you have snow in April, that is Michigan though right?
i feel for you rody m8 its even suny hear in scotland im geting redy for takeing stuff out for my gruila grows .//peace
Got nailed up here with 7" and tied a record low of 15 deg this morning.
Hot (90's), humid (70's), constant chance of rain and no chance of change (welcome to sunny FL). Roddy, I'll see your 6" of snow and raise you fifty degrees.
Yes, that's too hot and humid, yuck on the rain! Sorry to hear the record low RA!

It's tapering off now, radar shows it sliding slowly east, should be past us in an hour or so. We've got 3" of snow on my deck, but only about 2" on the ground and that won't stick around long (hopefully, it is only 30 still).

On the bright side, should kill off some of the ticks and early skeeters??
It is 35 and rainy where I am. However, tomorrow night is predicted to be 29, so I anticipate waking up to snow on the ground. It will not stick around long this time of year though. It is still cold enough that I am having to build a fire most mornings.
It's 29 degrees and snowing here on our mountain. 2 inches on the ground and 5 more expected. We have not broken 55 degrees yet this year.

Roddy said:
On the bright side, bud room is a nice 75 and sunny!!

Rosebud said:
Wow, what a rugged mountain. very nice shot.

Stay warm THG.
That mountain is the first thing I see out of my bedroom window. When it's clear I can watch a herd of bighorn sheep playing around on the cliffs.
What a view Lama!

50f, cloudy with a chance of rain. I think the below thirties are gone for the year, yeah!
no snow falling here today, 0 - +5 over night, +10 in the day. snowed 50 cm all last week above 2000 ft elevation. we still have snow (2feet) on the ground here. this was about a month ago

Wow you guys, no making fun of Canadians anymore, i havent seen snow since early march up here in the great wide north. LOL

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