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Dec 29, 2005
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I'm a newbie to this art and I would like to know if you can re-use soil?.
I am using a organic soil called Power Flower that I bought from our loco Indoor plant store up here in No. Ca. and Its got a 90 day reserve of nutes. My Q is, can I use old soil for the base(up to 6", the used soil still looks really good) to fill my 3 gal. pots and and fill the remainder with new potting soil of the same brand?. In 2 weeks I will start flowering and will start feeding it nutes anyways, so in theory what the old soil dosen't have I will be feeding it any ways !!! I hope I get my point across?? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
you can if you want to take a chance on getting some kind of fungus or diseases that other plants carry. but i wouldnt chance it not even same container thats been used unless you thoughly wash in alcohol. and this applies if your incenuating that you grew a plant in the old soil when you say used soil.
Hey I live in NorCal and use Power Flower!

During veg I add a bit of chicken shit tea and during flowering I add bat shit tea. When the pot is harvested, I have no idea how much of what is still in there.

It's probably safe to re-use, but just to be on the safe side, I wouldn't. I do re-use it however for my "regular" garden, mixed in with new stuff.
Skunk/Ganja, ahh the wisemen of the site!!! Great addvice, thank you both. New soil 4 new crops and re-cycle old in next spring's garden !!!.
You can't learn if you don't ask ...
whoa ho no , not me its ganga / hick . i answer the questions i learn by reading post/answers in this forum plus alot more reading on marijuana . ganga andhick are the exsperienced ones not to leave out a few more . i just try to alleviate there carpal tunnel by justifying answers they have answered to another newbe in the past. or by reading up on it . i appreciate it though . i give credit where credit is due and i owe them alot . insane,hick ,ganga and columbian connection wherever he is hiding .
im not trying to haggle anyone but... There is a search link on the top of the page that looks through all of the forums past threads.
really" that is cool man . but i guess it is not accepted by you if other people read and pay attention and learn by it without having to go to a search link .im sure if i need it sometime in future i will try it. but what will that accomplish ? to me that is just an excuse for bad memory . i would much rather pay attention and remember what other peoples problems are so i may answer them in person not bye hey wait a min i know that answer hang on let me get on the internet and find my search link . i am a 2 in a half year grower i am not a profesional yet . but guaran dam tee you it is in my best intentions to try to be . ps if your not trying to so call haggle anyone i would like to know what your intent was to reply to this post in such a manner . ps if i just took it the wrong way i apoligize to you. i just feel like that was an insult of my intelligance.
you took it the wrong way skunk i meant no offense. I was just trying to let people in on another tool to have their questions answered. sorry if i didnt phrase it correctly.
okay well then i apoligize again to you nugz .woke up wrong side of bed i guess .and frustrated as hell that i figured out how to use new camera but cant figure out yet how to get it in the forum like i did the webcam .ill get it though .
New camera eh? Cant wait to see the pics of your ww and ww x erasers! Gonna be sweet once you figure it out good luck!
nahh there just babies right now but what amazes me it that it is the only strain i have raised that came out of the seed with 4 leaves. but i do have other unknown strains. that are about ready to flower . trying to get as bushy as weeddogs ww mother that he showed pics of . another 2 weeks ill be there hopefully . dont have alot of time just here and there 5 min or so to mess with camera a day so get on it here in a few .

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