Stem all the way through the bud

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Phil Z

Aug 29, 2022
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I don't grow or anything.I smoke a lot and look for deals at dispensaries.So a few times I bought discount ounces and the sad looking nugs have stem beginning to tip of the bud and takes about 4 bowls for a buzz.Obviously bottom shelf stuff but I've seen it before. Any idea why any Bud has stem action.?
The stems are what feed the buds. All be da have stems. Some are just smaller than others. 4 bowls to catch a buzz? That must be something like industrial hemp.
The solution would be to grow your own. You can sink a ton of money into your grow, or do it for next to nothing. Either will more than likely give you a lot better weed than you're paying the big bucks for at the dispensary.

Welcome to the Passion. Find some seeds and we'll walk ya through it, or spend some time reading some of the grow journals. There's nothing quite like getting high on something you've grown with your own hands.

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